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I’ve been training with Ruth for about 18 months now - and she feels more like a really supportive friend who drives you to be better all round, rather than just a personal trainer.

She’s helped me smashed my goals through super fun, yet challenging sessions - underpinned by a deep knowledge of the human body and mind. She always has a plan for your sessions, but will respond to how you are feeling that day - as she recognises that we’re all human and outside influences can have impact on how we train day to day. I couldn’t recommend training with Ruth enough!                 --Gemma

I had Ruth as my personal trainer for around a year. I had gotten really out of shape after a stressful few years and decided to join a gym and was looking for a PT. Ruth just appeared, this beautiful, kind , genuine woman who not only made me laugh hard through our sessions, she also made me work harder than I ever imagined my body could. We even incorporated track running into the equation and I started to enjoy it. I loved my PT sessions with Ruth, and looked forward to them. I was always guaranteed a tough rigorous workout that challenged all of me, but I also looked forward to being in her beautiful energy. If you want to gain body confidence as well as improve your fitness, Ruth is the lady to help you achieve it.                               --Angela

I had been very nervous about training - I'd never even been in a gym! But Ruth helped me prepare for my first 10k event, with great encouragement and high expectations. She gave me confidence, and was an absolute joy to work alongside.                


She is not only a very well-educated and generally kick-ass trainer, but such a kind-hearted and generous spirit too. What a blessing it was to have her support and coaching on all aspects of my health: not just physical, but emotional and spiritual as well. She listens not just with her ears, but with her heart, and was therefore able to deliver a highly personalized, nuanced and effective training program for me that really worked - on so many levels!! I will be forever grateful. She’s a game changer.